Maximum Savings Bank, Inc.


MAXCard VISA Debit for all  MAXCard VISA Debit for all

In today’s parlance, the use of electronic cards is becoming so widespread due to the ease of use and the security it offers.

MAXCard VISA Debit card is open to any individuals who would want to open an account with the bank and have access to ATM and POS globally.



MAXcard a VISA Debit card linked to a Bank account and automatically issued when an individual or corporate client opens savings and checking account with the bank.

MAXcard allows easy and convenience electronic access to clients accounts across all channels currently ATM, POS anytime anywhere


MAXCard VISA Debit for all

  • Access your fund at any ATMs nationwide and globally thru VISA network
  • Pay for purchase at major establishments here and abroad via POS
  • Pay bills even without enrollment
  • Hassle free online shopping globally

MAXCard VISA Debit Payroll Card

  • Get paid faster and more reliably by having pay loaded directly onto a Maxcard VISA Debt Payroll card
  • Enjoy your payroll card right away as everyone qualifies
  • Eliminate check cashing fees and hassles
  • Avoid the risk of carrying large amounts of cash
  • Access your funds at any ATM nationwide
  • Access your funds at any ATM with VISA logo globally
  • Shop at over 75,000 merchants nationwide
  • Shop at over 30 Million Visa merchants worldwide

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